10 Lesser Known Horror Movies: Part 2

Three Thai college students are looking to get high on New Year’s Eve. When the dealer, Jesus, shows up at the door and wants to party with them, things get out of hand when he refuses to leave and seems to know things about their past. David Asavanond deserves all the credit as he’s amazing as Jesus, flipping from trustworthy to insane at any moment.

10 Lesser Known Horror Movies: Part 2

I honestly can’t say much of the story of this one without ruining anything. All you need to know is that you need to see it. The director, Pedro Almodovar, described it as “a horror story with no screams or frights”. It truly is a beautiful film in a haunting and shocking sort of way.

10 Lesser Known Horror Movies: Part 2

Jess is a stressed out mom who decides to take the day off and join her friends out on the high seas. Their relaxing day comes to an end when a storm sends their yacht off course and into the Bermuda Triangle. Struggling to stay afloat, the group spots a seemingly abandoned cruise ship and takes refuge in it. Of course, it’s not really abandoned and soon after, the bodies start piling up. Very intriguing psychological horror and deserves repeat viewings to really see what’s happening.

10 Lesser Known Horror Movies: Part 2

A loner guy meets a girl, falls in love with her, stalks her, and installs security cameras throughout her apartment. He proceeds to get to know her by “coincidentally” liking the same things as he sees her doing in the apartment. The voyeuristic aspect of Alone with Her makes this one incredibly creepy to sit through.

10 Lesser Known Horror Movies: Part 2

Found footage film told through a series of home movies of a couple and their two young children. If you want any reasons to not have children, this movie should do it for you. Other than stupid character actions, which plague many horror movies anyway, Home Movie is up there with the best found footage movies.

10 Lesser Known Horror Movies: Part 2

If you still want kids after Home Movie, The Children might do you in. Kids start to develop flu-like symptoms, but they eventually turn into something much more sinister. Kids always make creepy villains, but The Children is one of the best evil children movies out there.

10 Lesser Known Horror Movies: Part 2

A surgeon’s 8-year old daughter is raped and murdered which leads the father to abducting the suspect and getting his own justice. This isn’t so much a torture film, but there are definitely some brutal scenes. Emotional movie about how far a vengeful dad is willing to go.

10 Lesser Known Horror Movies: Part 2

A depressed hotel concierge makes it his mission to make everyone’s lives around him as miserable as possible. He focuses on one particularly young, bubbly tenant and he goes to twisted extremes to bring her down any way he can.

10 Lesser Known Horror Movies: Part 2

Chemical bombs go off in Los Angeles and Brad quarantines himself inside his house while worrying about his wife working downtown. She later arrives, covered in ash, and Brad shuts her out, not wanting to risk his own life. Most of the story is these two dealing with the aftermath of the bombs and Brad’s decision, but it holds up over the 90 minute runtime.

10 Lesser Known Horror Movies: Part 2

As missiles level New York City, apartment residents manage to make it into the bomb shelter in time. The survivors are grateful to be alive, but soon realize they may die in that bunker and their savage nature takes hold. From the director of Frontiers (also see that), it’s a very bleak and claustrophobic apocalyptic tale.

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  1. xathora75

    Yea that was feakin dumb. She just leaves them to go be alone in a wasteland….. Wow…..

  2. apollyon

    The scariest fucking nope ever! The banshee chapter.. watch and never sleep again. “It sees me, it wants to wear my skin.”

  3. RileyRawrrr

    Side note: I watched it with her and screamed like a fucking girl. I’m glad she was amused.

  4. mandolinwaterfall

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned Hard Candy yet…

  5. Smokeydice

    Honestly people watch the anime “perfect blue” for the most intense, gripping, horrific experience o your life.

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