1. Gourmet Picnic

You bring the wine, he doesn’t forget the flowers or the hammock.

2. Pet Store Window-Shopping With Pinkberry Pitstop


3. Takes you to Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Favorite Pizzeria in Brooklyn When He Knows They’ll Be There

Blue Ivy sighting = +100000000.

4. Costume Institute Gala

Even if you just have an aerial view of the arrivals or crash it like the Salahis.

5. Behind-the-Scenes at the Zoo, Ideally Involving Petting Cute Baby Animals

6. Chocolate Tasting Following Private Aquarium Tour

7. Anything Involving Kate Middleton First Date

8. Needs to Adopt a Kitten and Asks You to Help Pick It Out

“Needs” = operative word.

9. This Happens And Everything Is Perfect

Ideally, you’d have a jacket in that weather.

10. Private Tour of Beyonce’s Yacht

If he tells you to bring a bathing suit, BRING A BATHING SUIT.

11. Front Row Access To A Lakers Game

From left: Adam Levine, Zac Efron, Leonardo DiCaprio…

12. Snorkeling

And then this guy shows up to make it EVEN MORE AWESOME.

13. He Is William Levy and You Count His Abs

Think of the next-day conversation with your friends. “So how was it?” “Oh God — I just practiced my counting.”

14. Low-Pressure Drinks Where Everyone Has A Nice Time

This might actually just be the best first date of all time.

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