The ability to stylishly mix and match anything in your wardrobe is a sign that you have all the essential clothing items a woman needs. You don’t have to have a stuffed walk-in closet loaded with all the trendiest clothes, shoes, and accessories in order to be relevant. All you need are the basic 25 items every woman’s wardrobe should have so you can go out into the world feeling like a celebrity (and who doesn’t want to go into the world feeling like a celebrity?). So take a look and make sure your wardrobe is equipped with these essentials.

25. Swimsuit

Your house maybe hundreds of miles away from the beach but there’s always that local gym or country club that you can go to for a quick swim. So it’s always wise for you to own either a bikini, a one piece or even both just in case.

24. Classic Winter Coat

Not all places in the world have winter but there may be a time when you end up in a snowy place like New York during winter or maybe even Chicago. At least keep one classic winter coat and store it away properly. Vacuum bags are always a great storage option.

23. Statement Heels

High heels make your legs look longer, leaner and sexier no matter how we complain of the pain after a few hours walking around with them. Nude colored heels match with just about any pattern or dress color. Silver and gold strappy heels also work well with those shimmery cocktail dresses.

22. Metallic Clutch Bag

Always have a metallic clutch ready for those occasions where you need to dress up and look glam. You don’t have to splurge much, just a simple metallic clutch in either gold, silver, bronze or sparkly black will do.

21. Jewelry/Accesories

A diamond is a girl’s bestfriend, that’s been a cliche since forever. But don’t spend all your money to buy a set of diamonds. Instead, get a set of semi-precious stones such as garnet, amethyst, topaz, lapis lazuli, etc. With the right set, you can make a simple ensemble look absolutely fabulous.

20. Cocktail Dress

It’s frustrating to get invited to a weekend party and you find yourself with no dresses to wear since you’ve worn your little black dress or patterned dress the weekend before. Save yourself from the pain of rushed dry cleaning and make sure you have one or two cocktail dresses hanging in your closet.

19. Black Boots

Practical and stylish, black boots go with a wide array of looks. From an assertive Jean and boot look to a more sophisticated dress pairing, you absolutely can’t go wrong with black boots. As an added bonus, Like heels, this classic footwear also makes your legs look longer even when worn with tights.

18. Patterned Scarf

A scarf isn’t just for keeping your neck warm. You can also use it to make your top wear look more laid back or a bit fancy. A Scarf is also a great accent piece to your ensemble adding a touch of personality and flare.

17. Lightweight Cardigan

Those breezy but not too cold days call for a lightweight cardigan to keep you warm. It also wonderfully matches with sundresses, blouses, t-shirts, tank tops and amazingly, even a wedding dress.

16. Patterned Sundress

There are times when you feel feminine and want to dress up a bit. However there’s those occasions where you want to appear brighter and slightly more relaxed like at garden weddings, luncheons and anything that is outdoor on a beautiful sunny day.

15. Black Blazer

Especially for the ladies who live in countries with four seasons or those who work in huge corporate skyscrapers where formal office attire is a must, a black blazer will always come in handy. It can be a key item in completing a sophisticated business look or it can be a quick and easy way to upscale a casual ensemble.

14. Shorts

These days shorts can be worn anywhere. Tailored ones are even already allowed in offices and denims can be worn during those days when you want to kick back relax or go out and embark on an adventure. If you live in hot places like Florida or California, shorts are a must in your wardrobe.

13. Canvas Sneakers

A stroll at the park with your canine pal, a trip to the grocer’s, some chill time at a coffee shop, even an out of town or country trip can be a good excuse to show off a great pair of your favorite canvas sneakers. They can be used with just about any ensemble, are easy to clean, and are really comfortable.

12. Classic Handbag

Every girl needs a classic handbag. Aside from carrying items, classic hand bags add a great sense of class and elegance to most ensembles. Though expensive, Classic handbags can last you a lifetime and are a strong reflection of the wearer.

11. Black Tights/Pantyhose

There are women who think flaunting their legs for the world to see is the last thing they’ll ever do in their lives. Some turn to wearing pants, leggings and long skirts. Others turn to hosiery and yes, black tights. What sets black tights apart from the rest of the hosiery department? It goes with absolutely everything like your favorite Little Black Dress, dark patterned dress, a mini skirt, shorts, boots, flat and the list goes on.

10. Comfortable Flats

Similar to canvas sneakers, flats can add a distinctive look to just about any ensemble. Wear them with a cute dress or a pair of shorts, maybe even a good pair of jeans.

9. Classic Skirt

Classic skirts come in great varieties when it comes to colors, lengths and some shape making them easy to wear. You can mix and match them with sandals, heels or even boots to get a look that is uniquely your style. Couple this with a simple button up cardigan with bold or monochromatic colors for a sophisticated outfit.

8. White Blouse

White blouses go with just about anything you can wear from the waist down. It also provides a blank canvas to accessorize, giving you the opportunity to really show off those necklaces or scarfs.

7. Pajamas

Your “me” time at night will be more relaxed with a pair of comfortable, lightweight pajamas and an equally comfy top. Pajamas are one of the rare clothing items that you can be as extravagantly goofy as you want to be. Go ahead, buy those Spongebob square pant pajamas, or maybe your more conservative and prefer a darker and more abstract designs. Whatever your taste, when it comes to pajamas it truly is all about you.

6. Black Pumps

Like other basic items on this list, a pair of black pumps go with almost anything you can wear and can be used for when you’re out and about, work or even school. Black pumps are so versatile, that even with a good pair of jeans, is complemented, dressing up a somewhat casual clothing item.

5. Little Black Dress

The little black dress or as it’s popularly called the LBD, is a must for every woman who doesn’t want to worry about what to wear during impromptu invites or dates. Choose the most flattering but classic cut for your body type and it can never go wrong. The only things you probably want to invest in to give your LBD a fresh look every time you wear it are accessories, hairstyle and make up.

4. Tank Tops

A tank top is an extremely versatile clothing item for women. You can cover it up with a black blazer or a cardigan for formal occasions, dress it up with a scarf or a neck piece for those trips to the mall or just wear it plain when you’re heading to the beach or about to call it a night.

3. Dark Washed Jeans

Women have their preferences when it comes to dark washed jeans. Some love the skinny cut, others the flared, and there are also those who opt for the trendier cuts like the high waisted styles. Nevertheless a Dark washed pair jeans is a must for all ladies. Just make sure you choose the appropriate cut and style for your body type and curvature.

2. Designed Cut White T-shirt

Although T-shirts come in different colors, it’s the white ones which can be used with the greatest variety. Not that you’re supposed to wear them all the time, but during those days when you can’t conjure any fabulous outfits and there’s somewhere important you need to go to, trust your design cut white tee to create a stunningly simple you.

1. Comfortable Undergarments/Lingerie

Sure nobody outside your room can see what you’re wearing underneath your clothes, but what’s under there can help you look your best on the outside. The best undergarments or lingerie are those which are of course, comfortable, make you feel sexy, figure flattering and the most important rule; if it’s not supposed to show, then it shouldn’t.

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