Every year at yacht shows around the world new, edgy concepts are released as enthusiasts, designers, and people with really deep pockets look on hoping to catch a glimpse of something that stirs their souls. Unfortunately, just like in our list of 25 of the world’s coolest concept cars, most of these models will never make it too market. Even if they don’t though, they’re at least fun to look at and in the worst case scenario you’ll still end up with a list of 25 ridiculously cool concept yachts.

25. Project Magnitude


You would probably name your yacht Project Magnitude too if it looked like this. Not only does Lukasz Opalinksi’s behemoth come with the classic helipad, there is also an extensive water sports deck good for everything from launching submarines to taking morning jogs.

24. Yacht Island

yacht island designs

While in the old days people would go and rent islands that were anchored to the ocean floor, today’s rich rent islands that float around and have propellers. Coming to us from Yacht Island Designs this floating jungle boat certainly fits the bill, as it comes complete with a tropical beach paradise on its upper deck.

23. Tofi


While the pictures almost say it all, Hyun-Seok Kim really managed to break the mold with his latest creation. Named Tofi, this super sleek house boat looking yacht just goes to show – size isn’t everything.

22. The Transformer

Julien Anglade

With the ability to transform on the fly from deceptively small leisure boat to obscenely large mega yacht, Julien Anglade’s latest creation is not only perfect for evil movie villains but seeing that it’s equipped with solar sails it’s eco-friendly as well.

21. Why


Where most people would ask “why?”, Wally-Hermes asks “why not?” and with all that empty deck space we would have trouble disagreeing with them.

20. Infinitas


When Schopfer Yachts envisioned the Infinitas they quite literally decided to create a beast. With a hull design based on the skull of an animal, this mega yacht comes fully equipped with a helipad, elevator, and semi-enclosed swimming pool.

19. The Flying Yacht


French designer Yelken Octuri (he also makes Airbus cabins) decided to take us back in time with a bit of old school Wright Brothers influence on his latest concept yacht. And while most of the crazier designs on this list will never enter into the actual production phase, Octuri’s has already had some offers.

18. The Devenport


The sleek design isn’t the only cool thing about this high tech yacht. It also has an indoor pool, drive-in garage, and even a night club.

17. Emax Excalibur


That black checkered out layer you see in the picture is a photo-voltaic exoskeleton that can gather enough energy in one year to offset 3,000 nautical miles. That’s pretty good for the world’s first carbon neutral yacht.

16. PJ World Yacht


While it may not be as cool looking as the futuristic Infinitas (#20), the Palmer Johnson World Yacht certainly makes up for it in other ways as it comes equipped with a gym, movie theater, spa, pool, and even death traps for pirates. Okay, maybe not death traps but it does have a super advanced security system.

15. Voronoi


As probably the strangest looking entry on our list, this luxury yacht created by Hyun-Seok Kim is named after the Voronoi lattice pattern that covers its deck. Being designed to entertain, it comes with numerous hot tubs, a pool, and even a golfing green on its deck.

14. The Seagull

By way of some clever design by Novague Studio this yacht’s solar paneled “wings” were created to resemble those of a seagull, hence the name. The coolest part though? They actually “flap” in order to position themselves for maximum light absorption.

13. Soliloquy

Like the Bamboo Yacht (coming next), the Soliloquy is insanely green. It’s powered by solar, wind, and hybrid technologies and even uses the gym equipment to recharge its batteries.

12. Bamboo Yacht


Although still in the design phase, this interesting concept made almost exclusively out of bamboo panels is soon to be the most eco-friendly yacht on the water.

11. Iguana


No doubt you’re familiar with cars that can swim, especially if you’ve seen our list on25 of the world’s coolest concept cars, but have you ever heard of a boat that can drive? Well now you have. The Iguana Amphibious Yacht has a pair of retractable treads that you can use to roll up onto dry land. Although you probably won’t win any races, there aren’t too many people out there who can say they parked their boat next to their car.

10. Paper Boat


Built by a trio of young Italian designers, this paper boat concept definitely wins in the creativity department. It’s deceptively spacious, however, with two cabins, a bar, and “seagull wing” walls than open up to the ocean.

9. WallyIsland


Created by the famous Wally Yacht company, WallyIsland is intended to do one thing – be huge. The deck alone has a deep water pool, helipad, mini soccer court, tennis court, and a garden oasis. The madness doesn’t stop there though, as this yacht is so big that it actually has space to store other yachts.

8. EU-010 Undersea Yacht


With this yacht the fun doesn’t have to stay on the surface. Although it does have a very spacious deck, it can also dive beneath the waves and comes with a mini detachable submersible in case you and your friends can’t decide between the two.

7. Stand Craft


It’s not just that it has an exotic sports car or a garage to put it in, as there are several other yachts on this list will do that for you. No, its because you can just open the bay and drive that beast right up onto the dock like a boss.

6. Harizon


Designed to run through waves rather than over them, the futuristic looking Harizon yacht is designed to do everything as efficiently as possible.

5. Trilobis


Named and designed to resemble a trilobite, the extinct marine animal, this partially submerged house yacht has an underwater viewing deck that sits 3 meters beneath the waves.

4. Ekrano

Jaron Dickson

Although its not the first flying yacht you’ve seen on this list, Jaron Dickson’s Ekrano is the only one that looks like a futuristic fighter jet and its hard to be cooler than that.

3. Atreides


Why put a pool on the deck when you are literally surrounded by miles of water? That’s exactly what Serbian designer Vuk Dragovic asked himself when he created the Atreides with its retractable, sea level swimming pool.

2. Utopia


Something of a floating, self-contained, post-apocalyptic city, this is Yacht Island Designs latest innovation on behalf on those obscenely rich folks who would rather just get away from it all…including terra firma.

1. Streets of Monaco


It’s an entire city on a boat. Well, actually it’s an entire country on a boat. Complete with cars, overpasses, and an airport, Nigel Gee’s “The Streets of Monaco Yacht” is modeled to resemble a piece of the small Mediterranean nation.

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