1. This was the groom, Chilly!

2. And the bride, Baby Hope!

3. It’s not a wedding without guests, so they invited some friends! Like this dog…

4. And this guy!

He was a groomsman.

5. And these fellas

6. And this girl!

7. Also this guy

8. This doggy

9. This peacock puppy

10. This fancy gal

11. This little guy

12. And this was Cooper! He was a ring bearer.

13. Now time for the ceremony, where over 300 guests gathered at the Essex House.

14. Triumph The Insult Dog officiated!

15. But Chilly didn’t seem to interested in getting married…

Wake up Chilly!!!! This is your big day!!

16. Then it was time for the party

17. Where a jazz band played

Including renowned trumpet player Dominick Farinacci.

18. And some dogs danced to the music

19. There was also this sushi bar

20. This food

21. And even more food.

22. Sara Wilcox from Guinness was there to judge.

23. And they did it! This became the official world’s most expensive pet wedding.

In the middle left is Wendy Diamond, with her dog (the bride) Baby Hope and next to her on the right is Harriette Rose Katz, the legendary wedding planner who put it all together.

24. Congrats to the happy couple!

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