Jessica Alba always seems super put together, but she looks scary skinny in some new bikini pics, and people are losing their shit. Personally, I say whatever diet she's on has been working, but all the jealous bitches online are saying she must have an eating disorder or be sick or some shit. Basically I would give anything to be on a yacht right now, so I'm in no place to critique Ms. Alba's lifestyle choices. As long as she's healthy and not making another Fantastic Four movie, what she does is really none of our fucking business.

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1. Harry Truman sunbathing on the presidential yacht during his vacation in Bermuda:

2. Harry Truman sightseeing while on his yacht during his Bermuda vacation:

3. Richard Nixon and Dwight Eisenhower sharing a moment at Camp David:

4. John F. Kennedy chilling on a boat off Cape Cod:

5. John F. Kennedy and his family driving along Cape Cod in a golf cart:

6. John F. Kennedy relaxing while watching a boating race in Hyannis Port:

7. John F. Kennedy and his son John Jr. sitting in a boat:

8. Lyndon B. Johnson throwing some balls around in a swimming pool:

9. Lyndon B. Johnson singing with his dog and grandson:

10. Lyndon B. Johnson hanging out with his dog and grandson in a swimming pool:

11. Lyndon B. Johnson showing the daughter of a White House staffer a basket of puppies:

12. Richard Nixon bowling in the White House bowling alley:

13. Richard Nixon driving a boat:

14. Richard Nixon buzzing around in a golf cart:

15. Richard Nixon playing the piano at a White House reception:

16. Gerald Ford and his dog, Liberty, having some fun in the Oval Office:

17. Gerald Ford hitting the slopes:

18. Gerald Ford golfing next to Marine One:

19. Gerald Ford taking a dip in the White House swimming pool in front of reporters:

20. Jimmy Carter fishing in Georgia:

21. Jimmy Carter riding a horse:

22. Ronald Reagan petting his dog after getting off Marine One:

23. Ronald Reagan getting meaty:

24. Ronald Reagan hanging with his wife while dressed up as Santa Claus:

25. Ronald Reagan celebrating St. Patrick’s Day:

26. George H.W. Bush fishing with his sons George W. and Jeb:

27. George H.W. Bush hunting at his ranch:

28. George H.W. Bush sledding at Camp David with his daughter:

29. Bill Clinton taking his cat, Socks, for a walk:

30. Bill Clinton going for a fun jog with a foreign dignitary:

31. Bill Clinton eating some fast food:

32. George W. Bush fishing with his daughter Barbara while wearing a dog hat:

33. George W. Bush throwing out the first pitch in the 2001 World Series:

34. George W. Bush chilling with his dog Barney in a golf cart:

35. President Obama trying to block a shot during a basketball game:

36. President Obama jumping around during a trip to the Middle East:

37. President Obama skeet shooting at Camp David:

All photos via The National Archives unless otherwise cited.

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