Located in the trendy DUMBO (down under the Manhattan bridge overpass) neighbourhood of Brooklyn, New York is One Main Street; a 126-unit loft conversion by David Walentas (creator of the DUMBO neighbourhood) in 1998. The former cardboard box factory was originally built in 1915 and features a beautiful clock tower.

Walentas renamed it the Clocktower Building with the pièce de résistance being a 3-floor penthouse spanning over 6,813 square feet (633 sq. m) and defined by four 14-ft glass clocks on every wall. The three bedroom, 3.5 bathroom penthouse offers 360-degree views, soaring 16-50 ft ceilings, a glass-enclosed private elevator and a skyroof cabana and open deck.

The property was first listed in 2009 for a cool $25 million but has remained unsold on the market, unable to find a buyer willing to purchase what would be the most expensive property ever bought in Brooklyn. In 2011 the property was re-listed for $23.5 million and was also offered as a $50,000/month rental.

In 2012 the list price was again dropped to $19 million but no suitors were found. This year, Corcoran Group Real Estate is handling the listing with an asking price of $18 million. If you or anyone you know might be interested, feel free to contact them direct.

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clock tower penthouse brooklyn new york (2)


clock tower penthouse floor plans brooklyn new york (2)


clock tower penthouse floor plans brooklyn new york (3)


clock tower penthouse floor plans brooklyn new york (4)


clock tower penthouse floor plans brooklyn new york (5)


clock tower penthouse floor plans brooklyn new york (1)


clock tower penthouse brooklyn new york (13)
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clock tower penthouse brooklyn new york (14)

2. Dogbrella

Otherwise known as a broken umbrella.

4. Darth Vader iPhone Charger

11. Baby Seal Taser

13. Under-the-sheets Fan

15. Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker

17. (because it deserves another photo)

18. Bookshelf Chair

19. Shark pillow/suffocator

21. Waffsicle Maker

22. DIY Ostrich Pillow

23. Plastic Bag Holder?

24. Body Sleeping Bag

25. Coffee Holder Umbrella

27. Keyboard Sandals

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Your next car is going to be something incredible.

1. Built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspots for always staying connected on the road.


Why It’s Cool: A growing number of manufacturers like Buick, GMC, and Chevrolet are including built-in 4G LTE hotspots in their cars, allowing drivers to use their phones, tablets, and laptops without having to use their expensive data or pull over to the nearest Starbucks. Just don’t try to use your tech while driving, please.

2. Cameras that see everything around your car, not just behind it.


Why It’s Cool: While more cars nowadays are coming with rear-view cameras, companies like Ford and Infiniti are including cameras that allow drivers to see everything else around their car when driving. In fact, these futuristic cameras also come with sensors to actually inform you when you’re about to hit something, saving you the confrontation and guilt.

3. Trunks that automatically open even if your hands are full.

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Why It’s Cool: It’s always a nightmare trying to open your trunk when your hands are full with groceries or beach stuff; you usually end up trying to kick your trunk open or do some awkward hand dance move to make it work. The 2015 Kia Sedona helps you out by automatically opening your trunk when it detects your smart key in your pocket, and is even programmable for safety and easy access.


4. Windows that clean themselves and deflect liquid automatically.


Why It’s Cool: Kia and other car makers are actively featuring “hydrophobic” windows for its 2015 and 2016 car models, which is coated glass that stops stuff like rain, dirt, and other debris from even touching your precious windows. It’s like built-in Rain-X for your ride, without the need to apply it yourself.

5. A built-in vacuum for spontaneous spills and cleaning spells.


Why It’s Cool: Car lovers are definitely familiar with Shop-Vac, which makes efficient vacuums for any vehicle out there. The 2014 and 2015 Honda Odyssey capitalizes on that love and actually includes a built-in vacuum with a long range hose for people who are interested in keeping everything clean all the time.

6. NASA-approved car seats that prevent fatigue on long drives.


Why It’s Cool: Road trip-inflicted sore butts can make the best of us cranky. To counter this tragedy, the surprising duo of Nissan and NASA teamed up to develop “zero gravity” seats that keep you in a natural posture, while comforting your muscles and spines with cushioning. That’s true space-age technology.

7. Car seats that can actually give you a massage while being heated or cooled.

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Why It’s Cool: Being able to warm or cool car seats in cars like the 2015 Kia Sedona and 2015 Ford Edge is awesome. Mercedes-Benz’s line of S-Class cars takes it to the next level and has six massage modes built into the car seat, including “hot stone” and “workout” massage modes for feeling relaxed and invigorated after those long days.

Mercedes-Benz USA

8. Lighter cars, thanks to the use of military-grade aluminum.

Wikimedia Commons

Why It’s Cool: These days, the concept of a “light car” doesn’t just apply to those cute little smart vehicles you see roaming around the mall. Take a truck like the 2015 Ford F-150, which is 700 pounds lighter, or even Honda’s already light Fit hatchback which is 57 pounds lighter. This is thanks to the use of next-generation aluminum, which make cars more durable, more gas efficient, and easier to control.

9. Brakes and cameras that automatically keep you in the center of the lane.


Why It’s Cool: Everyone sometimes finds themself getting a bit too close to that yellow line. Thankfully, new versions of the Ford Fusion, Toyota Prius, and Lincoln MKZ have a feature called “lane centering,” which uses onboard cameras and the brakes to gently nudge your car into the center of a lane.

10. Cars that recognize traffic light changes and count down until the next green light.

Audi / Via Autoblog.com

Why It’s Cool: We spend at least 38 hours a year stuck in traffic, and that usually involves a lot of time looking at stoplights. Throughout the next few years, Audi is going to roll out a traffic light information system which will tell drivers how long until the next green light and also tell you fast or slow they should go to get to the next green light, all in one system.

11. Heated wiper blades that melt ice and snow to keep everything clear.


Why It’s Cool: Winter drivers know the pain and agony of having to deal with the snow messing their vision up. It’s not a fun thing, but companies like Everblade and Thermalblade make affordable wiper blades that make quick work of ice and snow to make sure you never have to break out the squeegee yourself.

12. Way more gas-efficient engines and motors.

Patrick Emerson (Flickr, Creative Commons)

Why It’s Cool: While the price of gas might be going down recently, most of us agree that the less we have to fill up, the better life is. Cars like the 2015 Chrysler 200 sedan and the 2015 Honda Fit are starting to go beyond 30 miles per gallon, while even more beast-y vehicles like the 2015 Ford F-150 have more efficient cylinders to save drivers from heading to the pump too often.

13. Push button shifting for easy adjustments while on the road.

Honda / Via Carmatcher.com

Why It’s Cool: We’ve all been wowed by the push button ignition that has made its way to a number of cars in the past few years, but the 2015 Acura TLX and 2016 Honda Pilot add to the automatic ingenuity by having different buttons for different gears. This frees up more space in the center console, and even allows for different shifting modes for more efficient driving.

14. GPS that automatically analyzes traffic and finds the best way around it.

Pohanka Accura

Why It’s Cool: We can all agree that traffic sucks. Acura’s futuristic Real-Time Traffic feature on the 2016 MDX works with the built-in GPS system to find the best way to get around traffic, while spotting accidents, weather events, and construction on the road. It’s a lot less of a hassle (and safer) than pulling out your phone.

15. A sunfroof that automatically blocks light and lets you see what you want to.

Mercedes-Benz USA

Why It’s Cool: We’ve evolved past the point where sunroofs are only for looking cool and sticking your head out. Mercedes-Benz’s newer SLK models include a new “Magic Sky” sunroof that can be darkened to block out sunroof and UV rays, or lightened to see more of that big, beautiful clear sky.

16. Sensors that learn your driving style and can detect when you’re too tired to drive.

Mercedes-Benz USA

Why It’s Cool: After a long, tiring night, one of the worst decisions you can make is to drive and risk getting into a serious accident. To solve this, car companies like BMW and Mercedes-Benz have developed sensors and systems that learn how you drive and alert you to pull over and take a rest when you start swaying or being reckless.

17. An alternator that recycles energy for your car and saves gas.


Why It’s Cool: Renewable energy is awesome, especially when it comes to cars. The 2014 Mazada6 has a technology called i-ELOOP, which stores kinetic energy every time it breaks, converts that energy to electricity, and uses that energy to power headlights, AC systems, and even car audio. That’s less fuel used for a happier you.

18. Access to your Android or iPhone without having to grab them while driving.


Why It’s Cool: Everyone (your dad, your local police officer, Demi Lovato) has told you to never, ever use your phone while driving. However, Google and Apple have recognized that people need to see information on their phones while driving, and created Android Auto and CarPlay for easy, safe access. Both are being built-in by a ton of car makers into a number of dashboards, but you can also buy a hybrid navigation system with both if you so desire.

19. Built-in night vision and radar detection for avoiding objects and wilderness.


Why It’s Cool: We’ve all experienced night drives when even your high beams aren’t enough to make you feel secure. But since we live in the future, car manufacturers like BMW and Audi have taken it upon themselves to develop actual night vision dashboard systems that work with sensors and allow you to see wildlife like deer or objects like trash cans in the complete dark.

20. Interfaces that recognize and automatically respond to your voice.


Why It’s Cool: While we’re not quite there in terms of a fully talkative car like KITT from Knight Rider, the likes of Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, and more have implemented UConnect voice recognition systems in their 2015 models that respond to your voice for a number of tasks. Asking your car things like “Where is the nearest gas station?” or “How do I get home?” are finally possible and very convenient.

21. Car systems that alert you and automatically brake before a potential accident.

Wikimedia Commons

Why It’s Cool: Safety has always been the main focus for all car makers with each new technology that comes out. In the present day, some cars like the 2015 Honda Accord automatically vibrate your seat or steering wheel when you’re about to hit something from the front, while others like the 2015 Subaru Outback even take it further and automatically brake to stop a collision.

22. Speakers that provide actual surround sound.

Meridian Audio

Why It’s Cool: The one thing that drivers can always count on to keep them sane is their music and speakers, but it seems that there’s a never ending chase to have the best sounds and the deepest bass for the sickest drops. More cars are coming with standard speakers that bring the concert to your ride, with an example being the Land Rover’s Meridian sound system with a whopping 13 speakers, 12 channels, and multiple modes to get all your tunes right.

23. Automatic stop and start engines to save gas during those traffic jams.


Why It’s Cool: Your car goes through a lot of fuel when it’s not moving in traffic, and some people even go through the measure of stopping their car when things come to a halt. The 2015 Chevy Malibu gets rid of all the guesswork and automatically stops a car if your foot is on the brake pedal during a jam, and restarts the car when your foot is off, saving your gas and saving the environment.

24. High beams that automatically adjust to not blind everyone else on the road.


Why It’s Cool: Your high beams are necessary when driving in the dark, but you’ve probably made a few people angry by having them on while they drive by in the other lane. BMW and Audi’s laser-powered high beam systems crank the brightness up high when there’s no one in front of you and dim themselves when there’s cars. Now there’s no possible way you can piss someone off with your headlights.

25. Automatic parallel and perpendicular parking systems.


Why It’s Cool: If you live in a big city or an urban area in general, finding parking can get tough and usually leads you to the hassle of having to parallel park. Now, however, every company from Toyota to Lexus and Ford to Volvo includes parking assists which find a space and perform a near perfect parallel park maneuver without screwing up anyone’s bumper. This year, car maker Bosch is even gearing up to allow drivers to get out of a car and have vehicles park themselves with the help of an app.

26. Crash detection sensors that get you the help you need, fast.


Why It’s Cool: A car crash is among the scariest things anyone will go through, and if you’ve ever been in one, trying to signal for help becomes one of the hardest things to do. In the modern age, companies like Ford and GM use cellular connectivity and sensors to dial 911 and send help to where you are. Every second counts.

27. Cars that drive themselves.


Why It’s Cool: The holy grail of futuristic car technology is having cars that drive themselves, and the newest version of Tesla’s Model S is right about there with its Autopilot feature. The system uses a camera, radar, and 360 degree sonar sensors to control speed, change lanes, turns, and park automatically. Self-driving cars are going to be among the hottest things in the automotive industry over the next few years, with GM and even Apple rumored to get in on the action.

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No one ever said we’ll never feel like royals.

1. Having Fresh Flowers

Having Fresh Flowers

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There’s no better way to brighten up your home than by adding a few colorful blooms. Even a cheap $5 bunch goes a long way. Spread the cheer by splitting up a bouquet and putting some in each room.

2. This $11 Italian Showerhead

This $11 Italian Showerhead

People who have this showerhead LOVE it. One person bought two so they can take it with them when they travel. For less than the price of lunch, this baby will turn shoddy water pressure into a spa-like experience. Get it here.

3. Buying New Socks

Buying New Socks


They will be soft. They will both match. They will be clean. Studies show that changing into fresh socks in the middle of the day can be zen-like and stress-reducing.

4. Splurging on a Fancy Cuppa

Splurging on a Fancy Cuppa


It feels more extravagant to get one $5 extra-cream-jumbo-mocha Latte every so often than a basic $3 cup of joe every day. You can make up for it by BYOing for the rest of the week. Go grande or go home.

5. Buying a New Toothbrush

Buying a New Toothbrush


Even better — buy a pretty one. This company makes one that’s a three-in-one deal: Biodegradable bamboo brushes are better for the environment, good for your oral health, and for each one you purchase, they donate one to a child in need.

6. Adding a Water Filter to Your Shower

Adding a Water Filter to Your Shower


Even if you live in a city with good water, this will make it better. Softer skin and hair, plus less buildup which means less cleaning. All for <$25. Get it here.

7. Getting Bulk Candy

Getting Bulk Candy


It’s like having an entire convenience store in your house. It’s a DIY adult Halloween. “Which candy would you like?” “Yes, please.” Get it here.

8. Putting Your Kitchen Sponge in This Holder

Putting Your Kitchen Sponge in This Holder

No more soggy sponge, hidden somewhere under three weeks worth of crusty pans. No more mildew. You might still be washing your own dishes, but nothing will transform the experience like this inexpensive and genius invention. Get one here.

9. Using Cloth Napkins




Even leftovers will feel like a five-star affair if you replace paper towels with cloth napkins. Bonus points if you fold them into something fancy. Learn how here.

10. Leaving an Extra-Big Tip

Leaving an Extra-Big Tip


Give your Barista an extra couple bucks for making your mornings bearable. Or leave an extra fiver on your dinner tip. In the grand scheme of things it’s a cheap way to brighten both your and your server’s day.

11. Scoring a Last-Minute Theater Ticket

Scoring a Last-Minute Theater Ticket


Nothing says “bourgeois” like listening to a lady in a ball gown sing loudly in a language you don’t understand. Many theaters and opera houses have day-of or “rush” tickets for productions that are steeply discounted.

12. Saying “Yes” to a $1 Donation

Saying "Yes" to a $1 Donation


We’re programmed to say “no” to any additional purchase when we’re standing in line, but saying “yes” to a small charitable donation can actually make you feel like you’re splurging on something that matters.

13. Getting Something Tailored

Getting Something Tailored


You might not have a couturier on speed dial but you can get that custom-fit feeling for way less than you might think. Dry cleaners and tailors will often take up hems or take in coats or shirts for $10 or $15.

14. Having Fresh Berries

Having Fresh Berries


Out-of-season fruit can be hella expensive. Downright criminal, even. But in the middle of winter, when everything including your food starts to look that same sad brown color, having a box of bright colorful berries all to yourself is totally worth spending out on.

15. Using Fancy Salon Hair Products

Using Fancy Salon Hair Products


Most hair-care products are supposed to be used in tiny doses, so a $20–30 investment can make you and your hair feel fancy-schmancy for a long time.

16. Getting a Manicure

Getting a Manicure


Noble men and women have been getting manicures for over 5,000 years. But this luxurious status symbol has come a long way from the Ming Dynasty days of solid-gold nail clippers. Splurging on a cheap manicure will make you feel like a true royal.

17. Buying a Travel-Sized Bottle of Your Favorite Lotion

Buying a Travel-Sized Bottle of Your Favorite Lotion

Keep it in your backpack or purse and you can have never-worked-a-day-in-your-life hands anytime you want. Plus, they’re so cuuuuuttte.

18. Getting Your Shoes Shined

Getting Your Shoes Shined


Most department stores, like Nordstrom, actually have in-store shoeshine departments. You could also buy some $5 shoe polish and DIY for an even cheaper splurge. Go ahead, kick up your heels.

19. Ordering Dessert

Ordering Dessert


Give yourself permission for a final course when you’re eating out. Better yet — eat dinner at home and go out just for dessert. You’ll feel like a million bucks for (slightly) less than a million calories.

20. Springing for a Fun-cercize Class

Springing for a Fun-cercize Class


From SoulCycling to sword fighting to trampoline jumping, there are some crazy ways to get in shape. Investing in a trial class for something exciting is a better splurge than that cheap gym membership that never gets used.

21. Putting Your Bath Products in Pretty Matching Bottles

Putting Your Bath Products in Pretty Matching Bottles


This cheap DIY is a great way to make your bathroom feel like a luxury spa. See how to do it here.

22. Getting Something Monogrammed

Getting Something Monogrammed

Amy Ormond / Via amyormond.com

Chairs. Bags. Shoes. Stationary. Bloomers. Fingernails. Give your [insert literally any item] some Victorian flair with a monogrammed personalization.

23. Giving Someone a “Just Because” Gift

Giving Someone a "Just Because" Gift

Kristen Duke / Kristenduke.com / Via allthingsthrifty.com

Channel Daddy Warbucks, without the war. Give someone you know a gift just because. For just a few bucks you can brighten someone’s day.

24. Getting a Blowout

Getting a Blowout

Larry Busacca/Staff / Getty Images

Nothing says royal treatment like someone else washing your hair for you. A simple blowout can be had for around $25–30. Treat yourself.

25. Using a Sharp Knife

Using a Sharp Knife


One good sharp knife is better than a whole block of dull ones. You can get good quality blades for less than $25 here. Or, if you’re brave, get a knife-sharpener and never have a dull blade again.

26. Carrying Disposable Screen Cleaning Wipes

Carrying Disposable Screen Cleaning Wipes


Every time your wipe your computer/phone/tablet/glasses you’ll feel like they’re basically brand new. Get some here.

27. Subscribing to a Monthly Gift Box




For $10–20 you can get exciting gifts delivered to you or someone you love. It’s like having a birthday every month. There are subscriptions for any interest, from beauty to snacks to cycling to socks.

28. Wearing Fancy Underwear

Wearing Fancy Underwear


Give your tush the royal treatment with some fancy new undergarments.

29. Ordering an Overpriced Glass of Wine

Ordering an Overpriced Glass of Wine


It might cost more than the whole bottle, but something about having someone else pour it for you feels totally posh.

30. Buying an Actual Magazine

Buying an Actual Magazine

Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images News

In the digital age, buying printed magazines and newspapers feels like a thing of the past. But getting a hard copy version of your favorite publication can also feel like a treat.

31. Using a Pretty Tea Cup/Coffee Mug




For the price of two fancy lattes, you can get a beautiful cup to have at home. Get them here.

32. Having Soft Toilet Paper

Having Soft Toilet Paper


Two words: Two-Ply.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/jessicaprobus/cheap-luxuries-that-will-make-you-feel-totally-rich

Carlo Allegri / Reuters

There’s a stereotype of the scene backstage at fashion shows: starving, underage models on a clandestine search for a mere blueberry to hold them over, hoping designers — who need them to fit into sample sizes — won’t notice. It’s not a flattering picture of the industry, which is why fashion industry leaders are actively trying to change it.

The Council of Fashion Designers of America, an kind of de facto guild of the country’s top fashion designers, just announced that they’ve brokered a deal for models to secure healthy food for 50% off when they’re in New York for Fashion Week, which starts on February 7.

“Models have described the difficulty of finding food that is both nutritious and convenient during Fashion Week. Please keep this in mind for both backstage and fittings,” the CFDA wrote in a letter from its President, Diane Von Furstenberg and CEO, Steven Kolb. “To address this issue, we have partnered with Organic Avenue during Fashion Week and continuing through March 31, Organic Avenue will provide support and education to models in addition to a generously discounted rate of 50% on all cold-pressed juices and food. We hope that this will give models both guidance and the added nutrition they need during this demanding time!”

The deal won’t exactly have models scarfing down cheeseburgers and milkshakes. Organic Avenue’s limited menu includes offerings like Dandelion-Kale Salad and Crudite With Tahini. The chain, which has 9 locations in Manhattan, is also popular among fans of the juice cleanse. But at $9 to $12 for one small bottle of green juice, or $75 to $90 for a one day juice cleanse, it’s an expensive way to stay full, even with a half-off discount.

Particularly for the young models who will walk shows during New York. Though modeling can be wildly lucrative at the level of Gisele, young runway models have historically been lucky to get paid at all, with designers famously trying to compensate in clothes rather than cash. A recent documentary, Girl Model detailed the unglamorous lives of struggling young models, and a group of models have also started a group called the Model Alliance, a kind of union to protect up and coming models from being exploited or treated unfairly.

The CFDA letter also noted that designers need to check ID’s to make sure models are at least 16 years old and should also pay attention to child labor laws. It’s a step in the right direction, but it’s also not new: the CFDA Health Initiative has been saying this since 2007.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/hillaryreinsberg/fashion-week-is-giving-models-food-for-half-off

For those of you that love your sleep, welcome to paradise.

1. Trees for bedposts, we think it’s great. But it’s easy to see how, at night when its dark and the wolf outside is howling, they could become a bit creepy.


2. Bruce Wayne would approve


3. May need some layers for this one…


4. Rocking beds are not just for babies, adults deserve them too.


5. A bed under the moon


6. Or even better, the stars.


7. One for the bookworms.


8. How to make the most out of a small space.


9. There are speakers built inside this bed, you can actually feel the vibrations.


10. For the car enthusiast


11. Doesn’t look dangerous at all.


More Over The Page

12. Be the pearl of your own clam-shell bed.


13. A barrel of comfort.


14. Looks amazing, not for the sleepwalker though.


15. Imagine pillow fights in here.


16. Chillin’ out at sea.


17. Fancy being a 60′s pin up girl in your sleep?


18. Looks handy for sleepovers.


19. Would you ever want to leave your tree house bed?


20. When your bed is hidden in a cabinet.


21. The perfect student dorm


22. Must go to bed before midnight


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The ability to stylishly mix and match anything in your wardrobe is a sign that you have all the essential clothing items a woman needs. You don’t have to have a stuffed walk-in closet loaded with all the trendiest clothes, shoes, and accessories in order to be relevant. All you need are the basic 25 items every woman’s wardrobe should have so you can go out into the world feeling like a celebrity (and who doesn’t want to go into the world feeling like a celebrity?). So take a look and make sure your wardrobe is equipped with these essentials.

25. Swimsuit

Your house maybe hundreds of miles away from the beach but there’s always that local gym or country club that you can go to for a quick swim. So it’s always wise for you to own either a bikini, a one piece or even both just in case.

24. Classic Winter Coat

Not all places in the world have winter but there may be a time when you end up in a snowy place like New York during winter or maybe even Chicago. At least keep one classic winter coat and store it away properly. Vacuum bags are always a great storage option.

23. Statement Heels

High heels make your legs look longer, leaner and sexier no matter how we complain of the pain after a few hours walking around with them. Nude colored heels match with just about any pattern or dress color. Silver and gold strappy heels also work well with those shimmery cocktail dresses.

22. Metallic Clutch Bag

Always have a metallic clutch ready for those occasions where you need to dress up and look glam. You don’t have to splurge much, just a simple metallic clutch in either gold, silver, bronze or sparkly black will do.

21. Jewelry/Accesories

A diamond is a girl’s bestfriend, that’s been a cliche since forever. But don’t spend all your money to buy a set of diamonds. Instead, get a set of semi-precious stones such as garnet, amethyst, topaz, lapis lazuli, etc. With the right set, you can make a simple ensemble look absolutely fabulous.

20. Cocktail Dress

It’s frustrating to get invited to a weekend party and you find yourself with no dresses to wear since you’ve worn your little black dress or patterned dress the weekend before. Save yourself from the pain of rushed dry cleaning and make sure you have one or two cocktail dresses hanging in your closet.

19. Black Boots

Practical and stylish, black boots go with a wide array of looks. From an assertive Jean and boot look to a more sophisticated dress pairing, you absolutely can’t go wrong with black boots. As an added bonus, Like heels, this classic footwear also makes your legs look longer even when worn with tights.

18. Patterned Scarf

A scarf isn’t just for keeping your neck warm. You can also use it to make your top wear look more laid back or a bit fancy. A Scarf is also a great accent piece to your ensemble adding a touch of personality and flare.

17. Lightweight Cardigan

Those breezy but not too cold days call for a lightweight cardigan to keep you warm. It also wonderfully matches with sundresses, blouses, t-shirts, tank tops and amazingly, even a wedding dress.

16. Patterned Sundress

There are times when you feel feminine and want to dress up a bit. However there’s those occasions where you want to appear brighter and slightly more relaxed like at garden weddings, luncheons and anything that is outdoor on a beautiful sunny day.

15. Black Blazer

Especially for the ladies who live in countries with four seasons or those who work in huge corporate skyscrapers where formal office attire is a must, a black blazer will always come in handy. It can be a key item in completing a sophisticated business look or it can be a quick and easy way to upscale a casual ensemble.

14. Shorts

These days shorts can be worn anywhere. Tailored ones are even already allowed in offices and denims can be worn during those days when you want to kick back relax or go out and embark on an adventure. If you live in hot places like Florida or California, shorts are a must in your wardrobe.

13. Canvas Sneakers

A stroll at the park with your canine pal, a trip to the grocer’s, some chill time at a coffee shop, even an out of town or country trip can be a good excuse to show off a great pair of your favorite canvas sneakers. They can be used with just about any ensemble, are easy to clean, and are really comfortable.

12. Classic Handbag

Every girl needs a classic handbag. Aside from carrying items, classic hand bags add a great sense of class and elegance to most ensembles. Though expensive, Classic handbags can last you a lifetime and are a strong reflection of the wearer.

11. Black Tights/Pantyhose

There are women who think flaunting their legs for the world to see is the last thing they’ll ever do in their lives. Some turn to wearing pants, leggings and long skirts. Others turn to hosiery and yes, black tights. What sets black tights apart from the rest of the hosiery department? It goes with absolutely everything like your favorite Little Black Dress, dark patterned dress, a mini skirt, shorts, boots, flat and the list goes on.

10. Comfortable Flats

Similar to canvas sneakers, flats can add a distinctive look to just about any ensemble. Wear them with a cute dress or a pair of shorts, maybe even a good pair of jeans.

9. Classic Skirt

Classic skirts come in great varieties when it comes to colors, lengths and some shape making them easy to wear. You can mix and match them with sandals, heels or even boots to get a look that is uniquely your style. Couple this with a simple button up cardigan with bold or monochromatic colors for a sophisticated outfit.

8. White Blouse

White blouses go with just about anything you can wear from the waist down. It also provides a blank canvas to accessorize, giving you the opportunity to really show off those necklaces or scarfs.

7. Pajamas

Your “me” time at night will be more relaxed with a pair of comfortable, lightweight pajamas and an equally comfy top. Pajamas are one of the rare clothing items that you can be as extravagantly goofy as you want to be. Go ahead, buy those Spongebob square pant pajamas, or maybe your more conservative and prefer a darker and more abstract designs. Whatever your taste, when it comes to pajamas it truly is all about you.

6. Black Pumps

Like other basic items on this list, a pair of black pumps go with almost anything you can wear and can be used for when you’re out and about, work or even school. Black pumps are so versatile, that even with a good pair of jeans, is complemented, dressing up a somewhat casual clothing item.

5. Little Black Dress

The little black dress or as it’s popularly called the LBD, is a must for every woman who doesn’t want to worry about what to wear during impromptu invites or dates. Choose the most flattering but classic cut for your body type and it can never go wrong. The only things you probably want to invest in to give your LBD a fresh look every time you wear it are accessories, hairstyle and make up.

4. Tank Tops

A tank top is an extremely versatile clothing item for women. You can cover it up with a black blazer or a cardigan for formal occasions, dress it up with a scarf or a neck piece for those trips to the mall or just wear it plain when you’re heading to the beach or about to call it a night.

3. Dark Washed Jeans

Women have their preferences when it comes to dark washed jeans. Some love the skinny cut, others the flared, and there are also those who opt for the trendier cuts like the high waisted styles. Nevertheless a Dark washed pair jeans is a must for all ladies. Just make sure you choose the appropriate cut and style for your body type and curvature.

2. Designed Cut White T-shirt

Although T-shirts come in different colors, it’s the white ones which can be used with the greatest variety. Not that you’re supposed to wear them all the time, but during those days when you can’t conjure any fabulous outfits and there’s somewhere important you need to go to, trust your design cut white tee to create a stunningly simple you.

1. Comfortable Undergarments/Lingerie

Sure nobody outside your room can see what you’re wearing underneath your clothes, but what’s under there can help you look your best on the outside. The best undergarments or lingerie are those which are of course, comfortable, make you feel sexy, figure flattering and the most important rule; if it’s not supposed to show, then it shouldn’t.

Read more: http://list25.com/25-items-every-womans-wardrobe-should-have/

Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press / MCT

When Michelle Obama wears clothes to important occasions, fingers shoot skyward to figure out which direction her stylistic choices have caused fashion’s wind to blow. Usually, the answer is heavily toward an everywoman brand like J. Crew, which made Michelle’s gloves, pumps, and belt. But yesterday she took advantage of the fierce independence that only a pair of lame ducks can enjoy in office, now that the gates of the reelection have opened her up to a bolder array of choices.

For Michelle, this first meant a new haircut. She debuted choppy bangs days before the inauguration. It was the kind of hair change people who don’t normally notice hair changes would notice, a modern cut recalling that of model Karlie Kloss, whose shaggy bob was the subject of an entire, multi-page article in a recent issue of Vogue. Then Michelle wore a coat and dress by Thom Browne for the daytime ceremony and parade. Previously, Browne was best known for his shrunken, ankle-exposing men’s suiting, and outrageous runway shows. Probably no one outside of the fashion industry would dare or want to wear much of Browne’s runway stuff, and even though Michelle opted for a safe look by him, it was a savvy choice of label. Her decision also has the potential to be a huge boon to Browne’s business, whose name recognition is nowhere near of that of Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren.

Pool photo by Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images / MCT

Clearly concerned with aesthetics as much as practicality, Michelle then changed from J. Crew pumps to custom knee-high boots by Reed Krakoff — the designer of the nearly $1,000 bird shirt Ann Romney was lambasted for wearing on TV — and added a glitzy J. Crew waist belt. Though her gloves were also J. Crew, altogether this was one very expensive, smashing, fashion-forward look that suggested no fear of displaying her interest in fashion, designer labels, and her own outward appearance. As much as the fashion industry has been invigorated by such a prominent political figure’s enthusiasm, critics have wondered if she can pull herself into a more issues-driven spectrum of interest in the Obama administration’s second term.

Yet you can’t fault Michelle’s interest in fashion any more than you can fault her husband’s interest in basketball. And even with her trendy new haircut and avant-garde labels, she still exhibited her measured approach to her image last night in her choice of a red gown by Jason Wu for the inaugural balls. The fashion industry was waiting for weeks to see which young designer she would blow up like she did Wu — a relative unknown until Michelle wore a white asymmetrical gown by him to the 2009 inaugural balls. But rather than cause the fuss she could have caused by choosing a different rising star designer, she created a slightly more muted fuss by wearing something relatively simple by a designer we already knew she loves. “I feel like with dressing for big occasions it’s really important to always think about the client,” Wu said on CNN Tuesday morning. “You [can’t] really think about everything else that comes with it.”

You get that sense observing Michelle too: She thinks about her own needs much more than what everyone else wants her to do. And that is the boldest statement she could make going into the next four years.

Pool photo by Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images / MCT

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/amyodell/michelle-obamas-boldest-day-yet

1. Snow White

A beaming center round ruby rests atop a studded floral arrangement and a thin, gem-accented wreath in blue and yellow sapphires set in white gold.

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2. Cinderella

Two halos of aquamarine surround a cushion-cut, prong-set center blue topaz and continue in tandem down both sides of the white gold band in white sapphire.

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3. Aurora

Yellow gold softly ripples among pink tourmaline and diamonds, creating an understated heart motif around the center stone, a pink sapphire.

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4. Ariel

Set in white gold, two halos of amethyst surround a center garnet and continue down both sides of this dazzling band in emeralds.

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5. Belle

The yellow gold fleur-de-lis of the French royal family is set with rubies and elegantly flanks the shield of sapphires, with a center stone of yellow sapphire.

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6. Jasmine

Set in white gold, two small bezel-set sapphires on each side of the gallery add another touch of radiance to accent the center blue topaz and double row of diamonds.

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7. Pocahontas

Lacy embellishment of rose gold adds a feminine touch to the round center red garnet and surrounding smokey quartz accents.

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8. Mulan

The white gold scrolls and curves of this ring accentuate two off-center black diamonds while the emerald accent the center green amethyst.

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9. Tiana

Two rings of sterling silver petals surround the center emerald and blossoming accents of green amethyst and green tourmaline.

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10. Rapunzel

Blooming flowers and braided vines of yellow gold run through with diamonds and pink tourmaline accenting this ring while a large, brilliant amethyst takes center stage.

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