2. Dogbrella

Otherwise known as a broken umbrella.

4. Darth Vader iPhone Charger

11. Baby Seal Taser

13. Under-the-sheets Fan

15. Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker

17. (because it deserves another photo)

18. Bookshelf Chair

19. Shark pillow/suffocator

21. Waffsicle Maker

22. DIY Ostrich Pillow

23. Plastic Bag Holder?

24. Body Sleeping Bag

25. Coffee Holder Umbrella

27. Keyboard Sandals

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Once you get over driving on the opposite side of the road, driving in Europe isn’t that different from driving in the UK….. There’s plenty of great road trips to take around Europe, here’s a few!

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ATS Euromaster / Via atseuromaster.co.uk

2. Col De La Bonette… South East France

Col De La Bonette... South East France

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When most people think of the South of France they think of St Tropez, not the Col de la Bonette. Don’t miss out on this gorgeous drive around the Alps… if you take a wrong turn you might even end up in Italy!

3. Sintra to Cabo da Roca…. Portugal

Sintra to Cabo da Roca.... Portugal

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A World Heritage site, Sintra has some gorgeous views and buildings that can make you feel like you’re lost in a fairy tale. If you drive through to Cascais on the Cabo da Roca, you’re not too far away from Lisbon… which I can vouch has some great shops!

4. The Amalfi Coast….. Italy

The Amalfi Coast..... Italy

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Another World Heritage site, the Amalfi Coast is a beautiful stretch of Southern Italy… full of quaint towns and expensive shopping. Beyonce fact: the Amalfi Coast is referenced in Upgrade U.

5. North to South…. Croatia

North to South.... Croatia

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Croatia is the 18th most popular tourist destination in the world and this drive will show you exactly why…. with gorgeous views and great local delicacies to try. Adriatic Fact: The Adriatic Sea coast has more than a 1,000 islands!

6. Monte Carlo… Central Monaco

Monte Carlo... Central Monaco

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Monte Carlo is well known for its casino and grandness, but it’s actually a place of great beauty too. The hotel de Paris is one of the most luxurious hotels in Monte Carlo, with 106 rooms that will cost you a small fortune to stay in! Plenty of films have used Monte Carlo as a back drop including 3 Bond movies, Iron Man 2, Cars 2, Madagascar 3 and a film called Monte Carlo (I hadn’t heard of it either..).

7. Know The Laws…

Know The Laws...

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Some European countries have different laws than the UK regarding what you need to carry in your car. Do your research before you go as the last thing you want is a fine to ruin your holiday!

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ATS Euromaster / Via atseuromaster.co.uk

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