1. Black Feather Wreath

You could of course make your own Gothic wreath, with Halloween decorations mixed in with Christmas greenery. But if you’re not so crafty, how about this amazing black feather wreath from Wilko?

2. Black and Silver Wrapping Paper

Make an impression by wrapping your presents up in this luxurious black and silver wrapping paper. I’ve been a big fan of this paper since Paperchase released it a few years ago – it really shimmers and looks incredible under the tree. It’s nice and thick too.

3. Gothic Christmas Cards

Have an appropriately Gothic Christmas Card to go with the paper! How about this beautiful Anne Stokes one?

4. Black and Gold Christmas Crackers

Having guests for Christmas dinner? Delight your guests with these fancy black and gold crackers. The fake mistletoe decoration is a nice touch too.

5. Scented Candle

Candles not only look festive; scented ones can really add to the mood. I’ve had this Winter Wonderland Lily Flame candle before, and it’s lovely, with a scent of pine needles and spices.

6. Goth Stocking

Hang up one of the amazing Goth-themed Christmas stockings from Bank Street Bizarre, and make sure Father Christmas knows your tastes! : )

7. Pentagram

If you prefer to celebrate the traditional Pagan Christmas, this lovely woven pentagram would be a perfect decoration, whether hung on the wall, door or on top of the tree. A wonderful pagan alternative to the Star of Bethlehem.

8. La Befana Doll

In Italy, traditionally an old witch on a broomstick called La Befana delivers the presents to children on Epiphany Eve! You can celebrate this wonderful tradition too by displaying a gorgeous handmade La Befana doll at Christmas or Epiphany.

9. Holly

As I mentioned in my list 13 Dark and Magickal Trees (http://www.buzzfeed.com/meganb69/13-dark-and-magickal-trees-d2pe), holly is quite a Gothic plant – a mythological deity called the “Holly King” symbolises winter in European folklore, while the evergreen nature of holly led to the belief that it offered spiritual protection. So what more appropriate decoration could there be for a Gothic Christmas household than boughs of natural holly?

10. Hops

Dried hops are a lovely old British decoration, and both look and smell very Christmassy.

11. Mistletoe

Mistletoe was considered one of the most sacred plants in ancient times, as it was thought to have power over life and death. This is perhaps one of the reasons it is associated with Christmas, as it symbolises the hope of new life (spring) overcoming cold and darkness (winter).

12. Goth Christmas Tie

This tie would be just perfect for a Gothic gent on Christmas Day!

13. Gothic Christmas Dress

And for the ladies looking for something dark yet festive for a Christmas ball , how about this gorgeous Medieval Gothic dress from The Dark Angel? It’s dark wine and gold colour scheme would be perfect.

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